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Seamlessly glide fake tan across the body, providing a streak-free glow you can trust.
Made of eco-friendly materials, our velour tanning mitt is double-sided and machine stitched, allowing you to apply self tanning mousse with one side then contour your body with the other side.

The TW Mitt is reusable/washable - making it a cost effective, eco-friendly staple in your skin care routine.

Three Warriors, Eco Tanning Mitt

SKU: 0784927418772
    1. Glove up
      Slip the tanning mitt onto your dominant hand, ensuring your fingertips reach right to the end so as to create a firm fit that ensures the tanning glove won’t slide.
    2. Cover your bases
      Before applying the tan, make sure to grab a plastic glove or wrap a towel around your other hand to protect it from being stained when you pump the tanning mousse.
    3. Pump away
      Gently pump the tanning mousse a few times to release a small portion of organic tan onto the tanning mitt.
    4. Circulate it
      Slowly begin to apply the tanning mousse in circular motions, gliding over every inch of skin from top to toe.
    5. Contour to complete
      With a first coat of fake tan applied, gently flip the tanning mitt over and use the dry side to contour the body, paying special attention to face, neck, hands, and feet.
    6. Rinse and repeat
      To keep tanning mitt in good condition, remove the fake tan from the tanning glove using lukewarm water, then allow it air dry before storing away.
  • Three Warriors Eco Tanning Mitt is

    Cruelty Free


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