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Perfect for everyday use, PONi Brow Magic is fast to apply with a tonal taupe designed to suit most skin types and hair colours. This beginner proof brow pencil makes it easy to fill and create full, gorgeous natural looking arches. Brow Magic Contains natural growth stimulator biotin, helping to promote hair growth in those patchy areas.

At A Glance:

- One colour suits most
- Contains biotin
- Firm and sharp for precision work and borders
- Brow brush on one end

PONi, Brow Magic

SKU: 0799600583173
  • Use the micro tip to create and mimic real brow hair, by drawing individual strokes working from the base line of the brow upwards. Modify pressure to create desired depth of pigment. To soften and create a more realistic look, gently brush through with the brow wand.

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