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Your everyday brow pencil

Easy to use, the oval shaped tip of the pencil ensures soft lines for a natural, feathered look while the spoolie brush boosts volume. It is a soft retractable brow pencil, for natural-looking colour and a quick volume lift for those perfect, everyday brows.

With 5 flattering shades, there’s a Brow Love pencil for all hair colours and skin tones.

Available in 5 amazing colours:
LITTLE PALOMINO - Warm blonde to light brown
PALOMINO - Coolblonde to light brown
CHESTNUT - Medium brown to reddish hair
THOROUGHBRED- Dark brown to black hair

PONi, Brow Love Soft Brow Pencil

  • For a quick and easy application:

    • Feather the Brow Love into the sparse areas of your brows to create a fuller-looking brow. 
    • Finish off by brushing the spoolie through your brows

    Tips: Add Poni 'Brow Pop' brow highlighter after using the Brow Love.

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