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This brush has two ends, one, an angled tapered end with short dense bristles, ideal for applying brow powders, creams, and or cream liners, the other a spoolie brush, to flawlessly finish and blend in brow cosmetics.

Makeup Weapons, Angled Brow Brush 1.10

SKU: MakWeaAngBro1.10
AU$20.00 Regular Price
AU$14.00Sale Price
  • Use the angled brush tip to create life like hair strokes for a softer more natural finish (ideal for gently filling sparse patches), or fill completely for a bold brow.

    Don't forget, always gently brush through your brows, using the spoolie, after any brow cosmetic application, to blend and finish the look.

    Caring for your brush is easy using one of our brush cleansers kits, or using gentle shampoo and conditioner when needed.

  • Sustainably Grown Bamboo Handle, (much stronger than just using a wood, less likely to accept moisture and sustainably grown).

    100% Super Soft High-Quality Synthetic Bristles (No animal was harmed in the making of this product. Product does not enter the brush hair follicles and break them down causing shedding)

    Double Crimped Pure Copper Ferrule, (copper is stronger than the industry usual, painted aluminum, and the bristles are crimped into place twice, ensuring less shedding).

    Hand Placed Super Soft Bristles (all the bristles are hand placed, not cut, meaning no sharp edges.

    Hand Made.

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