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All the protective, fortifying qualities of Rose Day Cream in a lightweight formulation, perfect for sensitive skin or use in warmer weather. Rose Day Cream Light transfers to your skin the invigorating powers of the rose to nourish hydrate and protect dry, sensitive skin for a calm, even and balanced complexion. The ideal all-day companion for sensitive, as well as normal, dry and irritated skin.
Formulation: Precious rose water, rose wax and extracts of rose, marshmallow and anthyllis protect, calm and balance the skin. Marshmallow root extract with avocado, sesame, almond and wheat germ oils hydrate, carrying essential moisture to skin. 

Skin condition: For sensitive skin.



For extra care in winter, switch to the richer formula of Rose Day Cream.

Dr. Hauschka, Rose Day Cream Light

SKU: 4020829006683
  • Each morning after cleansing and toning, apply a small amount evenly to the face, neck and décolleté with your fingers. Rose Day Cream Light is perfect as a primer before applying make-up. In the evening, we recommend using Night Serum, Conditioner or Intensive Treatment as a non-oily night time skin care product.

    All our moisturisers are concentrated and are formulated to be applied as follows:

    • warm around a large pea size between the palms of your hands to melt the waxes.

    • apply to your face, that's still moist from Toner, with both palms, gently pressing into your skin. Toner aids absorption of your moisturiser, and ensures an even and economical application.


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