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This is an unsulphanated oil with exceptional healing qualities. It is deeply hydrating and nutritious, with gentle healing qualities for skin and body care. Antioxidant properties support its general tonic reputation, as well as use may be useful against liver spots (age spots) on the skin surface.

Absolute Essential, Castor Oil Virgin Unsulphanted

SKU: 9421022371809
  • Hydrating and nutritious for skin with significant healing properties.

    Other Uses -

    May assist Sprains and Repetitive Strains
    Massage direct to affected area to support effective recovery from sprains and injury. Also around the joints to assist healthy circulation, which may be especially useful for stiffness and pain related to RSI. Add a teaspoon of Arnica infused oil and a few drops Lavender for added healing and soothing benefit.

    Store in cool, dark place.

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