Handcrafted and made from the latest generation synthetic fibers, the Pout Under Eye Foundation Brush offers impeccable quality and a flawless makeup result. The new generation 100% synthetic and cruelty-free fiber composition now allow you to perfectly work powdery texture as well as fluids and creams. This brush has a sleek modern black lacquered handle thats tapered shape is highly functional, whilst the head of the brush fits snuggly under the eye and around the nose. Made from strong acrylic to prevent splitting and damage during cleaning and shaped to fit comfortably in the hand for ergonomic use.


Pout Cosmetics, Under Eye Brush

SKU: PouCosUndEyeBru
  • This brush is not limited to foundation or the eye area. Its size can apply liquid or powder to whole face if needed. The dense bristles allow buffing to ensure no brush marks and leaves no undesired visible makeup lines. Alternatively this brush can be used to apply cheek colour and or contour along the cheeks.

  • Cruelty Free