Our Cacao Elixir is an adaptogenic, heart opening and smooth tasting formula, to bring smiles to your face and your heart every day.

Medicinal Mushrooms including Reishi have long been utilised and loved in Eastern medicine for their potency and tonifying properties to our life force or Jing. They are food as medicine!

We added Reishi to the ancient power of high quality Cacao, a long prized food in Aztec + Mayan cultures. When this happens a bounty of goodness occurs.

Our supporting cast of Maca Powder, Mesquite, Rose + Coconut Nectar Crystals bring an overall clean and inviting blend to you that can be used in warm beverages, smoothies or raw morsel recipes.

Some of the potential benefits of this formula are; tonifying to the whole system, anti-inflammatory, energy boosting, heart opening both physically and energetically. Enhancing your well-being, giving adrenal support and being high in antioxidants, it is a beautiful vitality tonic.

Adaptogenic substances such as Reshi, and Maca, have the ability to reduce the stressors in your body and strengthen your endocrine system. They also supply energy and improved stamina.

Cacao is the base alchemical ingredient here, a great potentiator for the adaptogens to do their work as it is aids in their delivery.

We also added Mesquite Pod, a plant based protein with butterscotch overtones favoured by Native Americans. Rose petal powder a beautiful flowing herb is a tonic to support your heart and is suggested to aid digestion and restore essential bacteria in the system as well as cleansing the body.

True Cinnamon and Coconut Nectar Crystals are a low glycemic and stabilising way to bring a little sweetness to some of the bitter herbs. They both have their own nutritional love to share.

Our Cacao Elixir is a great coffee replacement, with no jittery after effects.


Miron Glass Jar packaging is perfect for long term storing and is beautiful for gifting.


Nourished + Nurtured, Alchemy 27 Cacao Elixir

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  • Suggested Dosage
    Mix 1-2 tsp per cup with heated coconut cream, nut milk, dairy milk or hot water. Make sure the milk is nice and frothy, sprinkle with additional cinnamon before serving if preferred.

    Suitable for Cacao Bliss balls or Iced Chocolates.

    As part of your daily Alchemy Range ritual, we suggest you enjoy midafternoon, or anytime you feel the desire for a delicious tasting chocolate tonic. Add to smoothies, warm elixirs, raw morsels and anywhere you would use cacao.

    Storage Suggestions:

    Miron Jar – Can be stored on the counter top away from heat. Ensure it is tightly closed as the ingredients can be affected by moisture.