DIY Brow Tint Kits, saving you time and money by allowing you to do your brow tinting in your home. In a bid to reduce waste, hold on to all the components of your kit and purchase a refill. Simply drop into the studio for your fresh tint and developers.
Whats in your Kit:
Tint colour, developer, plastic white mixing stick, spoolie brush, application wand, wooden stick, mixing bowl, cotton tips, cotton rounds.
What you'll need:
Oil free face cleanser, makeup pencil (sharpened) for outlining brow shape, running water, old towel that can get tint on it.
In an effort to reduce waste and reuse where we can, KS is offering kit refills. Simply wash in soapy water, and let dry the items listed below. Your kit should be enough for 2 rounds of tinting.
Reusable & Refillable items include:
2 x screw top round containers (wash after you have used all the product).
Mixing bowl, applicator wand, white mixing stick & spoolie (wash after each use)


Return refillable items in an envelope with your name on it, into the studios black contactless box.

Refillable items to return-
2 x screw top round containers

Reusable items-
Mixing bowl, applicator wand, white mixing stick & spoolie (wash after each use)

Please notify me in your envelope if you are missing any of these items.

Disposables will also be refilled by KS.

Pick up will be organised and you will be notified.

DIY Brow Tint Kit


    HOW TO:


    1. WATCH IGTV (@kohlstudios)

    2. Place down an old towel that can get tint stains on it.

    3. Clean the brow area thoroughly with an oil free     cleanser.

    4. Brush brows up, and into place using spoolie brush.

    5. Mark where the centre of your brows should be with a vertical line using your sharpened makeup pencil. Then draw 2 vertical lines at equal distances from the centre line, to mark the start of each brow.

    6. Mark a vertical line with your pencil at the highest point of your arch and at the end of the tail. You can use the method on the IGTV video to help. *Ensure the length between start & arch lines are the same on both brows. Ensure the length between arch & tail lines are the same on both brows.

    7. Now draw the full outline of your desired brow shape on both brows

    8. Use your wooden stick to scoop out equal parts of your tint, (if you have chosen Medium Colour, make sure you get equal parts of both light and dark tint colours), and developer into your mixing bowl.

    9. Use your plastic mixing stick to mix the developer and tint until thoroughly mixed.

    10. Use application wand to dab and place the creamy mixture inside the previously drawn outine.

    Once it is all in place, remove excess that has gone outside your desired area with your cotton tips.

    11. Colour should be left on to develop for no more than 4 minutes. Timeframes less than this is up to you, sometimes 2 minutes is enough.

    12. For the ‘ombre’ look, remove a small portion of the fronts after half the amount of time you are applying the mixture. E.G. if you are leaving your mixture on for 3 minutes, remove a pinky finger width section of the fronts after 1.5 minutes using your cotton tips. Never leave the fronts on for more than 2 minutes. *removal of the fronts can also help you see how quickly the colour is developing*

    13. After your desired time frame, wipe off the rest of the mixture from the brow you did first using your cotton rounds. Use fresh water to remove excess.

    14. Then remove the other brow. *If the pigment is too strong, there is a wee bit of wiggle room. Use fresh water and your cleanser on a cotton tip to lightly remove some of the colour*

    15. Moisturize if they feel dry, and brush up and into shape using your spoolie. To preserve colour avoid water for 24 hours after application.






    No fake tan on face prior to use.

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding puts you at a

    higher risk of allergic reactions.


    This product can cause severe allergic reaction.

    A patch test, behind the ear lobe, 24-48 hours prior

    to use is highly recommended.


    If any tingly, pain, or feelings on the skin

    you are uncertain of, occur during the process,

    remove all products immediately with fresh water.


    If any rash, changes in skin colour/texture, itch, pain

    is apparent after application, (even on patch tests),

    seek medical advise immediately,


    Mild reactions can worsen without correct

    treatment from a Doctor.


    Although Brow Tinting is considered low risk, it is near

    your eyes and the brow hairs can be permanently damaged.

    Take care and be responsible. Take reactions seriously.