Alighted Health considers you as a whole when prescribing and planning your health journey. Individualised consideration is taken regarding your lifestyle, nutrition, and genetics, to ensure you success in achieving your health goals.

Whilst skin conditions are Kohl Studios focus, the causes of skin issues vary widely, thus expanding treatment plans and prescriptions far beyond skin complaints. A few things that may be considered (but not limited to) when reviewing your case include hormone imbalances, heightened stress, mental illness, eating disorders, nutrient depletion or deficits, diet, lifestyle, genetics, past health history, topical products, environmental exposure, organ function, gut health and more.

Online E-Consultations (Telehealth video call) Only

Initial Consultation 45 minutes - a comprehencive intake of your past & present health and concerns, along with a focus on future health goals.


Follow Up Consultation 20minutes - recommended 1-2 weeks post Initial Consultation, and then dependent on your individual case.



Ashlea Dyson

Bachelor of Health Science Nutritional Medicine 2018

Our Skin is such a magnificent communicator of our health, as unlike all of our hidden organs, it gives us a visual representation of what may be going on below the surface.

Focusing on skin as a nutritionist is far from limiting, as the causes of disturbance to a skin cell is what we are really looking at. Whether skin upset is caused by genetics, environmental surroundings, lifestyle choices and or dietary factors, all are taken into consideration and evaluated throughout your consultation. With this in mind, my abilities to treat an array of disease states and complaints, opens my doors to any health issues you may be facing.


The aim is to try to listen to your body when it whispers, and not wait until its screaming at you.