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Workshop One


Workshop One focuses on creating flawless glowing skin, with subtle detail on the eye. The kind of look that can be worn casually all day, simply enhancing your natural looks.

  1. Throughout the 2 hours we will start with your current skincare/priming routine, making sure it supports the longevity of your makeup.

  2. From here we lead into base work, covering liquid/powder foundations and concealing.

  3. We will touch on blush colour and placement alongside lip colour choices best suited to you to streamline your morning routine.

  4. Followed by a soft eye tutorial individualised to each of your facial structures. 

KS workshops helps breathe life into your personal makeup kit by focusing on using what you have.

There will be recommendations and cosmetics to purchase, in order to help fill the gaps. 

So don't forget to bring your makeup kit from home. 

How It Works

  • Groups of 6

  • Classes held in your home or choice of locations

  • 3 hrs total - 1 hour set up/pack up & 2 hours of class

  • Individual mirrors supplied

  • Bring your home makeup bag, including brushes

  • Retail cosmetics available to be tested and purchased

  • Cost - $90/person

Thank-you, we will be in touch shortly!

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